The mission of NBA Basketball School is to inspire and provide young athletes with a unique opportunity for development through globally validated training techniques.

Coaches trained in the NBA Basketball School method will have the necessary knowledge to apply in their respective classes all the elite training techniques of the program at each pedagogical level.

NBA Basketball School has developed a methodology approved by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The method provides on-court training, strength training, conditioning exercises, and basketball education for young athletes.

The philosophy of NBA Basketball School is to share the game of basketball with young athletes around the world, teaching skills, values, and well-being in a positive and fun environment.

The pedagogical material includes evaluations based on the individual development of each student, in order to safely advance to the next levels. There is no division by age, but by essential skills.

In the first four levels of the method, coaches focus on sharing the basic fundamentals of the basketball game with student-athletes and use a list of items to assess learning progress and then advance to the next levels.

With each evolution in the pedagogical level, the level of difficulty and intensity of the training also increases.

This monitoring and evaluation process allows students to have an even more solid development of the entire pedagogical process and their respective skills. Upon completion of the first four stages, students will enter an advanced level of development. This second phase focuses on advancing and mastering the basketball skills learned in the first four stages, while inserting significantly more focus on team concepts and also competition. Coaches introduce more complex basketball techniques, concepts and tactics than are commonly applied in college and professional basketball methods.

As an ultimate goal, NBA Basketball School aims to strengthen the youth basketball culture, teach life lessons, and empower young athletes to succeed on and off the court.